We are looking for a CTO - closing date 2nd February 2018

Job Specification

Your initial role will be to design and implement the next version of our diagnostic system in a form suitable for deployment to clinics, and to extend and improve the diagnostic algorithm in collaboration with the founders.
This will include selecting appropriate technologies, coordinating production and deployment of diagnostic devices, and a significant amount of both systems and numerical programming.
The medical software/diagnostics industry is highly regulated, and good system documentation will be a requirement. You will need to be comfortable working alongside a regulatory specialist.

Skills required:

  • You will have an honours degree and a strong engineering background in computer science, mathematics, or software engineering.

  • A Ph.D. is desirable but not necessary

  • You will be proficient in some or all of C, C#, Java, C++, Python and Javascript. MATLAB experience is desirable but not required.

  • You will have experience working in a senior technical role with both hardware and software.

  • You will possess the ability to communicate complex ideas to technical and non-technical individuals.

  • You will ideally have some knowledge of medical or safety critical systems engineering, scientific or numerical computing, and basic machine learning techniques.

  • You will be able to demonstrate an ability to learn continuously, to work independently, and to make decisions with minimal supervision.

We offer:

  • A competitive salary

  • Flexible working with no core hours, though you will be expected to work from the office one day per week and be available for occasional calls or meetings within office hours.

  • The opportunity to take equity.

Please provide:

  • A short cover letter

  • A current CV

  • Optionally, a copy of any software you have written which may help us assess your coding and systems design skills. A link to Github or a similar service would be ideal.

Send to jobs@beamlinediagnostics.com

Assessment will normally be in three stages:

  1. A phone screening.

  2. A face to face interview with the founders.

  3. An interview with the board of directors.